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PEI Native Chef Charlotte Langley is often identified by her cabal as “Maritime Chic”. She cultivates the essence of the Maritimes in all the work she does. Her East Coast hospitality is absolutely magnetic, pulling farmers, clients, & restaurateurs alike across provinces to come knocking on her door. And if you ask Charlotte to tell you about herself she’d humbly reply that she loves to cook and laugh. But Langley’s biggest passion is sharing her favorite foods with as many mouths as possible. Upon tracking Charlotte’s experience, it is a certainty that the mouths are many, & more to come. Charlotte has over 10 years of practice as a chef & culinarian, and in that time has forged a reputation for herself as a creative multi tasker utterly dedicated to the art and craft of cooking.

It was during her time in Culinary School (Culinary Institute of Canada PEI) that Charlotte found her dream and quickly became obsessed with the idea of becoming a chef. Chefs have the opportunity to make great choices for people. They have the opportunity to serve delicious, nurturing, & inspired dishes that come directly from a fish monger, farmer or friend. Langley also believes that Chefs don’t have to take themselves too seriously. It’s a privilege and a passion, but for Charlotte it’s also an opportunity for her to play with her food.

Charlotte takes her cues from the ingredients- fresh, local, seasonal and delicious. She handles them with respect and reverence, priding herself on the ability to go into a fridge and create something remarkable with what’s available. She calls it “urban-dweller foraging” (the name is a work in progress). Chef Charlotte’s creations are bright, strong and imaginative. She has the vision, the personality and the skills to tell you a story or to simply make you feel at home with ‘Smores in Can’ or her signature Seafood Chowder (accompanied by her Grandmother’s biscuits).

Turn ons: Kindness, jokes, seafood with cheese, milk, local sources, fish, health & wellness, whiskey, laughing, sleeping, working hard, classical music, fresh food, gardening, hugs, a huge cold smoked steak with a wedge salad, caring about others, kissing…

Turn offs: Food waste, people who lack integrity, not living close to the ocean, people who are mean, people that are jerks.

In the Media…


” Langley’s been thinking about opening her own restaurant for some time now, and one day she’ll invite us (you). She’s still figuring that out, so in the meantime she plays…

It is said that there is no love greater than the love of food, then if that be so, then there is no greater lover than Chef Charlotte and her personification of generosity and care. She is the personification of ‘joie de vivre’. Her talent personified through her sense of life and her cooking is uplifting and surely one of lifes great pleasures.”

– Chef Tony De Luca

“Charlotte Langley is the hardest working Chef I know, she takes care of people with her food and her heart warming hospitality.”

– Chef Rob Belcham

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